How to Draw… Master Sazuke

The third character in our on-going “How to Draw…” series is our favorite Ninja-Emu, Master Sazuke! Sazuke has always been fun to draw and he’s fairly simple for beginners! Since he is an emu and a ninja, it has allowed me to put him in some pretty crazy poses and funny situations over the years.

Please note that I am only showing the 3/4 view at this time and I will update this post later with a front view tutorial (I think he’s more fun to draw in 3/4!).

Some Helpful Tips Before We Get Started

Please remember to stay loose and draw lightly. Do not bear down on your pencil and allow the shapes to build up. It sometimes helps to practice drawing circles first to help you loosen up!

Please read some of the Character Design posts I’ve done as well; they’re sure to be helpful in helping improve your drawing skills.

Master Sazuke 3/4 View

Let’s draw Master Sazuke from a 3/4 view!

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Let’s break this down below.

  1. Start with a circle. Add a vertical guideline through the center of the circle top to bottom. Then, add a horizontal guideline through the center of the circle. These will both have a slight curve to them now, since Sazuke is turning his head to a 3/4 view.
  2. Add the mask. Master Sazuke’s mask is a rounded rectangle shape that sits on top of the horizontal guideline.
  3. Top of the beak. In the center of the mask, draw a bump that curves outside of the circle. This creates the tip of Sazuke’s beak.
  4. Bottom of the Beak. Starting at the tip of the beak, where you left off, draw a line back towards the circle, creating Master Sazuke’s cone-shaped beak.
  5. Cheeks. Draw a backwards C-shaped line that curves from the bottom of the beak up to the mask and touches the original bump where you started Sazuke’s beak.
  6. Teeth. Master Sazuke’s teeth are almost always showing, no matter what mood he is in. His teeth are a triangle shape.
  7. Bite. Draw a curved line horizontally through the teeth to create the bite between his top and bottom teeth.
  8. Draw the neck. Master Sazuke’s neck is basically just a tube shape that will connect to your original circle, tapering slightly. You can draw lightly through the beak to make sure it connects.
  9. Eyes shapes. Master Sazuke’s eyes are often squinting, and they can be represented with two slanted lines tapering from thick to thin.
  10. Clean up. Erase all of your guidelines, including the horizontal and vertical guides, parts of the original circle, and any other guidelines you may have drawn.
  11. Color and complete! Master Sazuke’s ninja outfit is all-black, and he has a very bright orange bill. His feathers under the mask are peach, but his hands and body are a greenish-brown color!

And there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it. Truth is, I love teaching things like this and I really miss it. It was a huge part of my younger adult life when I was working for Disney and I just don’t have the opportunity to do it anymore.

I plan to teach several more of my Schmitty’s Toons! characters in this series. If you have a favorite that you would like to do next, please notify me in the comments.

In the comments below, I would also love to see your beautiful creations! Please don’t be afraid to share!

Schmitty out.