Puffin Stuff

I made this short film during my senior year at Ringling School of Art and Design.

Master Sazuke Animation Tests

A series of animation tests I did using my original Schmitty’s Toons! character, Master Sazuke, the awesome ninja emu!

Realistic/Exaggeration Bowling

The idea of this project was to pick one action and animate it twice, the first time as realistically as possible, and the second, as exaggerated as possible.

Lip Synch

This animation pokes fun at my job at Disney, as I worked in the theme parks as a park greeter during a portion of my tenure.

Dachshund Run Cycle Animation

This is a running animation of my dachshund character model. Modeled after my mom’s dog, Scarlett!

Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom

Scene from Patrick Henry: Quest for Freedom animated by Steven Walker. Models by Robert Rowe. Textures by Nathan Winfrey and Stacy Som. Lighting by Nathan Winfrey and Jolie Nazor. Composited by Pete Althoff.

Puffin Stuff Redux

The poor puffin from “Puffin Stuff” is back home, but still has trouble getting to the water.

Daffy Duck – “Yesterday”

I have very seldomly seen a popular 2D animated character carried out successfully in 3D, so I decided to try my hand at it. This is a work in progress animation.