At Schmitty’s Toons! we offer a wide range of design services. Whether you require a simple character sketch, a rendered peice of character art, or a fully animated character, we’re here to help! Below are just a few of the services that we can provide along with general pricing. Many prices depend on scope of work and complexity of design, which are determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Pencil Sketch (Popular Characters) – Starting at $25 ea.

    Have a favorite character? Pencil sketches are loose line drawings and make great gifts for family and friends, especially children. Steven can draw most popular characters by request, including Disney, Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbara, The Simpsons, and more!
  • Pencil Sketch (Original Characters) – Inquire about Pricing

    Steven is formally trained in character design as well. If you’d like to have a new, original character developed for you, we can help with that too!
  • Colored Pencil Rendering – Starting @ $750

    We also offer fully rendered colored pencil sketches of any character drawing. We use top-quality Prismacolor colored pencils in order to create our artwork.

  • Digital Rendering – Starting @ $750

    We offer rendered digital copies of any character drawing. We utilize Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to create our artwork.

  • 3D Modeling and Texturing – Inquire about Pricing

    Let us know how we can make your 2-dimensional idea come to life in 3D! We can take most concepts and develop them into a 3D space for you utilizing the leading industry 3D software, Maya. Don’t have a concept yet? We can help develop one for you! Then, add some color to your 3D with some fun and exciting textures! Steven utilizes several programs, including Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to help bring some color into your world!
  • Character Rigging – Inquire about Pricing

    Do you need a character, rigged and ready to animate? Let us know what you have in mind and we can help bring your static character to life!
  • 3D Animation – Inquire about Pricing

    Steven is an experienced animator and can help fully bring your character to life!
  • Hourly Rate Starting @ $30/hr

    If you have a project that is not listed here, these will typically be billed at an hourly rate listed above, and is sometimes dependent on the scope of work.

    Any additional time that is necessary in order to complete the design is incurred at an hourly rate as outlined above. This includes any revisions requested as well as any conceptual development work that may be required for the project.

    We keep a record of our time to ensure that we are fairly billing our time to your project and will send it along with your artwork as it is being developed.