Rock the House Music Video featuring Classic Schmitty’s Toons! shorts

I recently stumbled on a song in my archives that my friend Shael Riley wrote a little over 10 years ago featuring all of my classic Schmitty’s Toons! characters! The song was titled “Rock the House”, which was the first song featured on his first official album titled Toybox. I even helped create the CD cover!

I don’t know why it never occurred to me until now, but I thought it would be a fun nostalgia-filled romp to take this amazing song and turn it into a music video featuring clips from all of my old cartoons!

I had a lot of fun sifting through my old shorts to put this video together. Enjoy!

Please also check out my wonderfully talented friend Shael Riley’s website to hear some more of his musical ventures:

Schmitty out.


New Site Design and Some Nostalgia

Welcome to the brand new Schmitty’s Toons! website, now compatible with smart devices! I am very excited about this new format and I hope you enjoy yourself during your visit. I’ve added a lot of new features, and I have even preserved some of the site’s original content. I’m also really excited that I now have a place to put down some of my thoughts about art, business, and life in general.

As I was putting this new design together, I was reminded of the history of this website. It has certainly come a long way since its original incarnation as a high school web design project back in 2001 (which I actually won a high school award for!). Back then, I only had a handful of very quick Flash animations and I was completely self-taught. Since its inception, I’ve maintained Schmitty’s Toons! throughout many important milestones and it has evolved several times to reflect the different events that were occurring in my life.

As part of the nostalgia, I thought it would be fun to make all of my old Flash shorts available again for my visitors to enjoy. Fabulous and fantastic Flash 4 Required (haha)! Yes, they’re that old. Macromedia (what’s that?) still owned the program way back then! Anyway, for each of the shorts in the “Classics” section, I’ve written a little something about what they mean to me looking back on them now. They might look simple on the outside, but there was usually something underlying the short that I was exploring or trying to figure out, or it related to a real world event occurring in my life. One of the biggest transitions I saw quite plainly in my art was when I transitioned from high school to college, and then from college into the work force.

Aside from the Classic Schmitty’s Toons! Flash cartoons being brought back after a short hiatus, you will also find both my 2D and 3D portfolios. You can even commission work from me now too!

In the weeks to come, you can expect to see more writings from me here on the homepage, and as always, more artwork. The new design gives me an additional flexibility in the future should I want to add more features as well. In short, this has been a wonderful stroll down memory lane and really made me truly appreciate the journey I’ve traveled to get to where I am now.

Schmitty out.